Design and Web Consultation is a project that I started on the side as a way to showcase some of my work to potential clients. Here are some of the services that I offer to selected clients:

Design Services

Logo work: Any organization looking to establish a recognizable image in the community needs consistent visual identity will take you a long way. I can design the entire logo or if you know what you want already send me a draft and I’ll produce a polished copy.

Print Media: Layout and design of business cards, flyers, menus, posters, etc… When the design is done you walk away with the finished file. Please note that we do not offer publication or printing services!

Web Design: Setup on BounceWeb or a hosting provider of your choice, design, and maintenance of the site. When the site is completed you receive an account capable of adding and updating content.

Service Agreements; General Guidelines

I enjoy building websites for people, and my side services are something that I take very seriously, however they are side services. Due to heavy constraints on my time I can not guarantee speed, but I offer quality. I must reserve the right to refuse clients and all agreements may be terminated at any time by either party as deemed necessary.