Whether you need some branding for your business or for your D&D group I am more than happy to help you get what you need. We’ll start off with an initial consultation meeting to discuss what you need, free of charge, and if we seem a good working fit we can get to work on your logo.

Breakdown of Standard Rates

Standard logo design fees start at $100.00 total, you’ll find a breakdown of what you’re paying for below.

Initial Consultation Meeting Gratis
Three Concept Designs $50.00
Additional Concept Designs $20.00 each
Adjustment Session $20.00 per hour
Finalized Logo (colour and b&w) $50.00

Please note that no usage rights are transferred to the client until after the finalized logo has been completed and paid for. Should the client choose to terminate the working partnership prior to completion, the client is still obligated to pay for services rendered, but all usage rights remain the intellectual property of the designer.